Corporate & lifestyle PR on an international scale


Since 2016, AM helps companies, brands, and individuals to tell their stories. We set up PR strategies and execute them. Resulting in clear messaging, strong media coverage and content creation. Depending on the complexity of the project, we partner with local PR specialists.

The technological developments have a huge impact on how consume information, communicate with each other and ultimately behave. A century ago, the AM radio frequency triggered a true revolution. For the first time in history, international news, culture, and entertainment became broadly accessible in real time. The world shrank and homes were no longer silent. During that same period public relations came into being.

Although much has changed since and target audiences are spread across the media landscape, the essence of storytelling remains the same: communicate on the right frequency.

For more than ten years, founder Luc de Boer has worked in PR at national and international agencies. His experience covers work for brands in e-commerce, fashion, food, finance, marketing, retail, and tech. Including companies that fill our day to day lives with entertainment and news such as Spotify, Netflix, and Sonos.