For international projects or ongoing press support in the Benelux.

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Press office

To make sure you will stay top of mind with press and consumers we will develop a yearly plan and calendar, which focusses specifically on those important moments.


Research & Strategy

To understand your brand and market (positioning) it is necessary to analyse the sector and competitors for a better insight, which allows for the creation of a concise PR strategy.

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Media Relations

How do I ensure that my news reaches the right media outlets and individuals? Our experience, tools, and network ensure the visibility you want to achieve.



Brands and organisations have so many stories to tell - the right content strategy leads to a content ecosystem that will optimise and actively insert all necessary PR output, reaching from Op-ed articles to Instagram stories.


International PR

We make sure that strategy, planning, coordination, and execution move forward flawlessly, also when additional local agencies are taken aboard.


PR Projects

PR campaigns achieve the most impact when we develop a thorough planning and give attention to every detail before, during, and after the introduction.



Speaking at events, giving interviews, and staying visible as an expert, for relevant media is a skill that requires time to develop. Together we will work towards the right media profile.



Social media offers immediate access to your target audience. Creating a social strategy and calendar offers that access and gives direction to all the online output.



Need help with brand positioning, tone of voice or social media? During a workshop, the resources are analysed, relevant examples are discussed, and your team will be inspired.



Our international monitoring tools offer the right insights into all media output relevant to your brand, so you can adequately tap into developments important to the business.